Neon Flex Outdoor


YYZ Vertex flex is designed to provide a very bright, crisp consistent and homogenized illumination that will accentuate any building, structure or artistic flourish. Using 84 high brightness surface mounted LEDs/meter, behind a first class eco-friendly UV-resistant PVC encapsulated flexible chamber material, it helps to provide bright, consistent traces of light in 10 shades of white, single colors of red, green and blue. The fixture consists of uniform and even lighting with no Led hotspot and has a transverse minimum diameter of 30cm. It is easy to be installed, can be cut and re connected with IP68 protected connector. Connectors at both ends offer ease of installation and is supplied in 5m standard rolls-or custom. Operating at 24V, the Vertex Flex features on-board constant-current drive topology, which ensures consistent brightness along the entire run, precise drive current, and long life expectancy. Dimming is achieved with YYZ's dimming compatible power supplies. Two power levels and two control types are also available.