Our specialization
The beauty and the architectural features of any structure in the night is enhanced by the way it is lighted up. YYZ has been involved in working closely with lighting designers and architects worldwide and has successfully implemented several stunning projects across the globe. This involves understanding the lighting intent of the designer or architect, understanding the limitations and coming up with options of standard or non-standard products to achieve the light effect at most optimum cost. Our team has always been able to come up with innovative solutions. YYZ currently offers a range of indoor and outdoor products for architectural lighting application.
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Exterior & Interior
Several products are being offered by YYZ for functional or ambient lighting applications. This ranges from products for cove lighting applications to direct and indirect lighting products. Many of these products have been installed worldwide for over 10 years and has always outlived its performance. Care is taken into the electronic design to offer the best possible efficiency at the same time ensuring maximum possible lumen output and long life. We also offer several mounting options and accessories to suit any or all applications.
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Urban Design
YYZ Offers a range of cost effective outdoor lighting products and LED Screens, both for Media Façade and Media Screen applications. Best possible resolution, brightness and compatibility with a wide range of control protocols is always the prime consideration in designing a system. Our products are designed keeping in mind the need for quick and easy maintenance. We offer a range of screens with various LED pitches to suit the application and the budget. Custom mounting design support is also provided.
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Our mission
To light the world
We are a bunch of people that take delight in giving you the best lighting experience
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Product Applications

YYZ Products are designed for a variety of application such as Indoor Cove Lighting, Accent Lighting, Wall Washing & Wall Grazing, Back Lighitng Applications as well as similar outdoor applications. YYZ fixtures are unique in lighting performance and lumen output surpassing the competition. Please contact factory for custom applications or requirements.