The Pinhole Downlight Series is a minuscule pinhole downlight designed with an extremely small light aperture of only 19mm yet maintains a high light output ratio. Deeply embedded in its optical core is a unique double-focus lens designed for a virtually glare-free solution, meeting a Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of <19 and providing maximum visual comfort. It seamlessly integrates into your ceiling, offering discreet yet powerful illumination. A robust mechanical design ensures longevity with a die-cast aluminum heat sink that draws heat away from the LED chip. High-level mechanical protection provides IP65-level dust and water ingress protection. This sleek luminaire combines minimalist aesthetics with performance and is available in beam angles of 35° and 50°, as well as both trimless and trim versions, making it suitable for accent lighting in retail stores, hotels, reception areas, architectural spaces, and prestige areas.