Projectors Outdoor


YYZ in-ground linear light series is your next-level choice for outdoor floor applications, featuring the unrivaled resistance to vandalism, UV, water, corrosion, and slipping, as well as the elevated visual experience suitable for a direct view. Paving it on roads, you can anticipate a dot-free, glarefree, and well-lit nightscape presented in countless possibilities. Constructed with a visionary structural design, having the IP68-rated LED strip housed in a solid metallic casing, distinctively further sealed by a thickened silicone diffuser, all combine to be a fusion of robust and waterproof. It’s stress-free for you to apply it to walkways, driveways, squares, parking lots, landscapes, fountains, and more, where frequently suffer the impact from high heels and vehicles, or water splashing or soaking may occur.