Neon Flex Outdoor


YYZ LFX Neon series looking for a bright, crisp and cost effective delineation and direct view lighting. Our product is designed to provide a very bright, crisp consistent and homogenized illumination that will accentuate any building, structure or artistic flourish. Using high brightness surface mounted LEDs, behind a first class eco-friendly UV-resistant PVC encapsulated flexible chamber material, the LFX Neon will provide your project with bright, consistent traces of light in shades of White, single colors . The fixture consists of uniform and even lighting with no Led hotspot. LFX Neon has a transverse minimum radies of 60mm. Easy to be installed, can be cut and re connected with IP67 protected connector. The product is supplied in 5m standard rolls-or custom as needed. Connectors at both ends offer ease of installation. Operating at 24V, the LFX Neon features on-board constant-current drive topology, which ensures consistent brightness along the entire run, precise drive current, and long life expectancy. Dimming is achieved with YYZ's dimming compatible power supplies.